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Chocolate Workshop

Chocolate Workshop

Chocz Chocolate Experience lets you understand the complex and intriguing nature of chocolate and become true connoisseurs.

Seductive, sensual, tantalising, romantic, decadent – that’s chocolate.  Nothing else sets the taste-buds tingling in quite the same way as this magical food. The rich flavour and intoxicating aroma arouses the senses, immediately bestowing pleasure on the eater. More and more of us are acquiring the taste for exquisite hand-made chocolates. To understand the complex and intriguing nature of chocolate and become true connoisseurs, indulge in Chocz’s Chocolate Appreciation Workshop.  Your appreciation for Chocolate will greatly deepen!

Luxury chocolate really is a different experience. Carefully blended and handcrafted from the very finest ingredients, it is quite unlike the mass-manufactured bar whose low cocoa content is masked by various additives. The hand-crafted pralines provide the visual experience and the taste of quality premium Swiss chocolate in its purest form, giving you the ultimate chocolate experience.

Chocz Chocolate Experience Workshops will deepen your appreciation for both chocolate and chocolatier.   The knowledge about chocolate and learning to apply your senses of visual, smell and taste to expand your chocolate experience will present yourself as a true Chocolate connoisseur!


We currently have two Chocolate Workshops that will give you the Chocolate Experience!

Chocz Chocolate Appreciation Workshop

Chocz Chocolate-Making Workshop