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The Story of Chocolate

Chocolate. The treat that makes life sweeter around the world carries a story of exotic places, long journeys and small family farms where the delicate crop …

History Of Sacred Chocolate Through The Early Days (Organic Super Foods)


A journey through the history of chocolate reveals that this mysterious food has woven its story throughout multiple cultures and continents impacting civilizations culturally, socially, economically and spiritually. A study of the history of chocolate begins by going back in time to the realm of the Maya Indians and the Olmec Civilizations of Central America.

The word cacao was found in the Olmec vocabulary nearly 3,000 years ago. The hot, humid, but shady climate of the tropical rain forests of this region was perfect for growing cacao plants. The Maya felt the cacao tree was owned by the gods and the pods were offered as a gift from the gods to man. The cacao pod became the symbol of fertility and life in the Mayan culture.



Primera parte del segmento especial sobre la historia del chocolate, el cual produje en México para el programa The Creative Native de la televisión canadiense.