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Chocolate in Singapore

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Chocolate in Singapore

If we were to look into “Chocolate”, we can discover an interesting rich history of this processed compound of cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk.

Chocolate became popular in Europe when the Swiss found a way to solidify the cocoa in the form of chocolate mixed with its famous dairy products.  Later, the French wanted a share of this growing industry and emphasizes the benefits of dark chocolate using the purest ingredients.

In recent years we can see more and more chocolate shops opening in Singapore.  They sell various kinds of chocolate related products from artisan pralines, chocolate cakes, cupcakes, chocolate truffles and so forth.  These shops also use various creative means to try and get people interested in their chocolates.  Even chocolate buffets are introduced by hotels where customers can eat the wide selection of chocolate products till their heart’s content.

Chocz was one of the pioneer in this chocolate industry in Singapore.  It started its business in 2001 and uses a chocolate boutique approach to introduce quality chocolate to Singapore.  However the concept of quality chocolate is not understood by many.  Customers often looked at the price instead of trying to understand why the price is different from those chocolates that can be obtained off the shelves.

Chocolates that are available off the shelves are made with vegetable fats so that they are harder and can keep longer.  However we know that vegetable fats is not good for health.  Quality chocolate on the other hand uses cocoa butter which has a lower melting point than vegetable fats and research has found that it can be easily discharged from our body.  Getting such quality ingredients is not cheap because they need to be imported from Europe; the world’s highest consumption of chocolate.

To enable Singaporean have a more appreciation in Chocolate, much advocacy needs to be done in educating them about this common yet not so common product with an amazing history.


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